Bushcraft Kit – Reflections After A Decade

When I take up a new hobby or interest I have to work really hard to stop myself buying tons of new stuff. Bushcraft was a prime example. It’s been a long road but now my habits are very different. Get the lowdown.

Solo Canoe Trip North Maine Woods

Am I Mad To Take A Solo Wilderness Trip?

When I tell people I’m off on solo wilderness trips, things could go either way. Am I mad? This seems to be the $64,000 question that they don’t ask.

Setting Canoe Up For Lining, North Maine Woods

A Solo Canoe Trip To Millimagasset Lake, Maine

I’m making my solo canoe trip in the green heart of northern Maine, the North Maine Woods. I’m headed for Millimagasset Lake. It’s not a huge lake but at a few miles long by a couple wide it’s a great place for a week or so of fishing, relaxing and generally enjoying myself.

Outdoor Notebook Iphone Moleskine Pouch

Outdoor Notebook & Phone Pouch

I love to carry a notebook with me when I’m outdoors. It’s so useful to be able to jot down ideas and notes as I find things of interest. These days I usually have an iPhone with me too. Wanting a way to keep these together with a couple of pens or pencils and keep them relatively dry, I knocked up this outdoor notebook & phone pouch while I was faffing about with a few projects on the sewing machine.

Millimagassett Lake, Maine

Autumn Or Fall – It’s All The Same Really

Catching up – damn I promised myself I wouldn’t do this again – let’s recap some of this summer’s adventure and shenanigans

Canoe Poling On Munsungan Stream Maine

Aroostook River Dash – Maine Canoe Expedition

The Aroostook River is running high and fast. If we make the 35 miles back to base in a day, today will be the last day on the Aroostook and the end of phase one of our canoe expedition in the Maine North Woods

Navigation using map and compass

What’s the most important function of your compass?

What’s the most important function of your compass? To tell you where North, South, East And West are or to take accurate bearings and set a course using a bearing?

Night Sky over Munsungan Stream Campsite, North Maine Woods

Another Tussle With Munsungan Stream – Maine Canoe Expedition

We’re still in the heart of the Maine North Woods on day five of our Canoe Expedition. Last night we made camp at Munsungan Stream campsite after a hard day’s paddle. We went to bed with clear skies but awake to cold grey skies full of rain. A day like this isn’t the day for canoeing a remote river that’s already seen several of us taking unplanned swims.

Organising your kit for an efficient bushcraft camp

Get Organised On The Trail

When you’re on the trail, efficiency can make the difference between a great trip and a terrible one. Your skill in managing your kit is the first hurdle but is one that’s easily mastered.

Munsungan Lake - North Maine Woods

Maine Wilderness Canoe Trip – Munsungan Stream

We’re camped on Munsungan Lake. Today we leave the lake and head down swollen and fast flowing Munsungan Stream towards the Aroostook river.