Outdoor Notebook & Phone Pouch

I love to carry a notebook with me when I’m outdoors. It’s so useful to be able to jot down ideas, notes and sketches as I find things of interest that I’d like to remember or just research further at home. These days I also seem to have an iPhone attached to me. Wanting a way to keep these together with a couple of pens or pencils and keep them relatively dry, I knocked up this outdoor notebook & phone pouch while I was faffing about with a few projects on the sewing machine.

Outdoor Notebook Iphone Moleskine Pouch

The outdoor notebook pouch is sized to fit a Moleskine pocket sized notebook (my notebook of choice for all you notebook nerds out there – oh, and the link’s an affiliate link by the way). My iPhone usually lives in a Lifeproof waterproof case and it just so happens that the iPhone plus a couple of pens are roughly the same size as the notebook. As it’s an outdoor notebook pouch, I wanted it to be hard wearing so the prototype is in a medium weight cotton drill. With everything loaded up, the outdoor notebook pouch is just the right size for a trouser thigh pocket.

Outdoor Notebook Iphone Moleskine Pouch

Now it’s time to take it out on the road. Before I use it in anger, I’m going to add a fastening and wax it to make it weatherproof.

I wondered about sewing up another version with a longer fold over flappy bit, so it wraps round the whole thing once more, maybe even with another pocket inside for loose sheets or bits and bobs. Oh, the original plan was for a waxed cotton tinder pouch so you never know, that might make it off the production line soon!

Outdoor Notebook Iphone Moleskine Pouch

I measured the outdoor notebook & phone pouch by eyeball but if you’re interested in a pattern and some instructions for this let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Nick Gallop

Nick has spent years studying bushcraft and wilderness skills both formally and less formally. He's passionate about wilderness travel by traditional means and employing traditional skills to conquer modern problems.


  1. Whistling Whittler says:

    All those nights sewing mukluks are paying off eh.

  2. Could you write up on doing waxing to make it waterproof? Just web searched and there is stuff on it, but I’d be interested in what you have to say. Thx.

  3. Nick Gallop says:

    WW, yes, although at the time all that sewing was like some Japanese endurance gameshow, it’s held me in good stead for further stuff!

  4. Nick Gallop says:

    Hi David,

    Sure will. Have to admit I’ve never done it before either so it’ll be a journey for all of us ;-)

    I’ll report back.

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