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Wind Power Application

Inner Mongolia Wind Power Plant


Inner Mongolia is a vast province with abundant wind power resource, especially in typical grassland, desert grassland and desert. The wind power resource reserve of Inner Mongolia ranks the first of China, the exploitable wind resource account for around 50% of China.

The development of high volume grid-connected wind power unit in Inner Mongolia began in 1989. After 20 years’ accumulation, the richness of wind power resources and the urgency of energy conservation and the emission reduction, accelerated the development of wind power. The investment of wind power equipment was on the rise around Inner Mongolia, and more than 200 enterprises enter the wind power industry in Inner Mongolia.

Rely on the abundant wind power resources, wind power industry developed rapidly in Inner Mongolia. From Alashan gobi to Hulunbuir grassland, A group of large wind power plants has been built in Inner Mongolia. The sound and fast development of wind power industry in Inner Mongolia, would play an important role to the national wind power industry.

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